Spring Racing Style: Race Day Dresses & Trends

I absolutely adore the spring racing season. In the social calendar, it’s the unofficial start to summer and the official start to the party season.

The racing style game can be a fashion minefield – To fascinator or not to fascinator? How the hell to style your hair when you’re sporting a giant hat? What’s an acceptable amount of skin to show? Which colour is ‘in’ this year?

Gah, the decisions are more difficult than choosing a Messina flavour.

Ultimately you want to look chic, stylish and glamorous; so to help a fellow lass out I’ve popped my favourite trends below, along with some Showpo team tips.

Trend 1: Interesting hemlines



The ‘high-low’ hemline (where it’s shorter above the knee and gets longer at the back) has re-emerged as we enter the new season better than ever.  This elegant and graceful hemline has been an absolute game changer in the fashion world with versions of the style being pioneered around the globe. Demure with a hint of cheekiness, you’re sure to distract a few fellow punters in one of these numbers. Staff pick.

Trend 2: All about lace



Not a surprising trend for the races given its chic factor, heavier crochet lace styles are reaching new heights of popularity. The most ladylike of all the fabrics (sorry leather, I do love you but you’re just not in this category…too risqué), I’m loving the abundance of styles in different proportions and detailing on offer this season. We’re moving away from more delicate styles we’ve seen in previous seasons as the fabrics get more substantial. Staff pick.

Trend 3: Metal headwear



Forgo the traditional fascinator or over-embellished hat by finishing your look with metal headwear. Constructed into intricate filigree pieces, the Showpo headwear range is the perfect way to interject the ‘hair jewellery’ trend into your look. Much more understated than traditional headwear, opting for something more subtle is the perfect way to ooze an effortless air of style. Staff pick.

Check out our coveted range of looks now available on Showpo, with more styles to drop every week.

Style Tip: If you’re wearing new shoes, BREAK THEM IN! Please, for the love of Zac Efron’s abs, don’t wear uncomfortable shoes. Flats would look better than bare feet as you drunkenly stumble around waving your heels as a white flag of self-respect.

Hair Tip: Metal headwear should be paired with looser, bohemian styles rather than something too structured. Put down the straighter and go fetch your tong instead as loose waves, low chignons and soft braids will go perfectly with our headwear styles.

Beauty Tip: Unless you’re insta famous AF and can get away with anything, bold eye looks are best saved for night-time makeup. Keep your makeup fresh with dewy skin, a winged eye and bold lip. Check out our gorgeous selection of lip colours to complete your look.

Words by Kelly McCarren.

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