5 Ways To Instantly Feel Sexy


As women, it’s our prerogative and our responsibility to take ownership of our sexuality. A huge factor in this is feeling sexy (or lack thereof when it comes to many women it seems), so I’m here to help in that department. Although inherent sexiness comes from within, there are a few things you can do to make you feel sexier and here are my favourite 5…


If you’re feeling drab, a slick of red lipstick will do you wonders. One of the oldest beauty looks to date, a bright pop of colour on your pout has been heralded by women all over the world. Creating the illusion of whiter teeth and max amounts of sophistication are just some of the pros of wearing this iconic shade.



It doesn’t matter if no one is going to see what’s under your clothes, pretty lingerie will instantly make you feel sexier. Also, who doesn’t feel like they’ve got their life together when their underwear matches, amirite?



Most lasses have a ‘fragrance wardrobe’, but make sure you have that one special perfume that you only wear occasionally when you want to feel your most sexy self. If you only use it for these moments, smelling it will instantly evoke those feelings.



So your outfit feels blah, you look in the mirror and feel blah and life in general just feels blah. Instantly feel like a million dollars by slipping into your favourite black heels. They make your outfit look more expensive, PLUS you’ll look thinner and stand up taller in them. I’m obsessed with these Showpo bad boys, the ribbon detailing is stunning.



If all else fails, listen to the album ‘Mezzanine’ by Massive attack and I PROMISE you’ll feel sexy as hell. There’s just something about these tunes that make every gal want to gyrate under a waterfall… or is that just me?


Words by Kelly McCarren. 




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