Halloween: 5 Mythical Creature Looks

Who else often watches talented makeup artists on YouTube, creating looks so clever they deserve to be displayed in galleries, thinking ‘FFS and I struggle with my damn brows on the reg’? Yeah me too. Funnily enough, most of us mere mortals don’t have the time, skill or makeup to create these in-depth looks, which means we’re completely off the hook with expectations of a successful ‘melting skull with fluoro shading’ look. Phew.

Watch the below video to see how I created 5 (relatively) easy Halloween makeup looks for mythical creatures; complete with on-trend Showpo outfits!




This little cutie really didn’t look that scary as a vampire, but up your attitude and you may elicit a few screams!

What you’ll need…

  • A statement black dress, I chose this one because of the cut, so regal!
  • The collar isn’t necessary…but obviously looks awesome. I got mine from eBay (it’s actually part of a dress) agggesss ago and it was super cheap.
  • Fangs and fake blood can be found at most cheap stores or costume shops. You can even get fang bite temporary tattoos!
  • Pair with disheveled hair and heels to complete the look.


  • A beautiful winged eyeliner and red lip will make the look elegant and (somewhat) pretty.
  • Make your skin tone paler by just popping a pale powder over the top. This will also mattify the look and make your skin appear lifeless.
  • All you need to create dark shadows under your eyes is ONE darker shade and a fluffy brush; just apply ‘shadow’ down the shape of your orbital bone.
  • Splash blood anywhere, have fun with it! But DON’T wear white when applying, we made that mistake and let’s just say that the buying team sure weren’t happy with the outcome of their sample.
  • If you’re going all out, you could always pop red contact lenses in… :p



EEK! She’s coming back to haunt you from the darkest corners of your childhood wardrobe.

What you’ll need… 

  • Red crayon (a buttery lip pencil will work perfectly).
  •  White business shirt.
  • Red bowtie found at a $2 store.
  •  Black pants or a skirt; we used this beautifully cut skirt that you can spin around in 🙂


  • Use a SOFT fluffy brush to pack colour onto the eye area.
  • Mix white face paint in with your foundation to your desired shade of paleness. Mixing it makes it more malleable and easy to blend.
  • Tease your hair slightly to create a more disheveled look.
  • Black contact lenses would take this look to a whole new scare factor.



Coming out from the shadows to celebrate the day of the dead, the sugar skull is a look you can go gang-busters creative with.

What you’ll need… 

  • Lot’s of white and black face paint.
  • An all black ensemble. We paired a black skirt with a lace bodysuit, which added a touch of glam.
  • Coloured eye pencils.
  • Dark lip colour.


  • Have fun with the colours! Worst case you can always wipe the makeup off and start again 🙂
  • Eyeliners will give you the most precise result.
  • Add stick-on gems and accessories to amplify the outcome.
  • Finish the look with a braid (watch here) intertwined in a flower crown.



This glowing babe is just making an appearance on land before she ventures back to her aquatic fortress.

What you’ll need… 

  • A dress with LOADS of glitz! Check out our range here.
  • Fishnet stockings.
  • Shimmery pigments.


  • Ensure your makeup base is dewy and bronzed.
  • Don’t be shy wth the highlighter. Using a fluffy big face brush, apply it all over your skin.
  • Have someone help hold the stocking in place so it doesn’t move. You can make the ‘scales’ as subtle or extreme as you like; just keep packing that pigment on!
  • We made the crown out of old seashells but you obviously don’t need to do that! If you choose to, a hot glue gun will be your best friend.
  • We chose a fairly subtle colour palette (golds, silvers and a hint of pale green) but you can choose whatever you like, why not try purple and blue!



I mean it’s a fairy/angel hybrid really, but by FAR, the prettiest look out of the 5. After she’s cast some spells, watch our fairy flutter away. Or strut down the VS runway.

What you’ll need… 

  • Wings of course!
  • Glitter.
  • A super cute white playsuit like this one we used.
  • The headbands are optional but I loved how pretty they made the look.


  • Keep the base nice and glowing, don’t use too much powder.
  • A nice winged eyeliner using both black and silver will look super pretty.
  • Place the glitter primarily under your eyes or on your forehead. But I did dust a bit everywhere!
Words by Kelly McCarren. 


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