What To Take To Melbourne Cup

You’ve got your dress sorted (finally, GF you took too long), and you’re all ready for the big day…Yes, I’ve just realised I sound like MC is a bloody wedding but oh well.

Here’s what you need to pack in your clutch, pals bag, boyfriends pockets etc, in order to last the day looking as cute as you did in the morning.

  • Mints cos’ nobody likes a bish with stank breath. But lay off the gum unless you want to resemble the horsies munching their treats.
  • Perfume to freshen up your scent during the afternoon. I love rollerballs or mini fragrances so you’re not lugging around your 100ml parfum. I’m particularly fond of DIPTYQUE Geranium Odorata EDT, available at MECCA.  Bottled in a handy 20ml size, the fresh notes keep it clean enough for daywear, while the bergamot notes allow it to hold onto the skin.
  • Whatever you put on your lips. For touch-ups obviously. Faded lipstick and flakey liquid lips are just nasty.
  • Credit/bank card, ID, opal card and cash.
  • Your FULLY CHARGED telecommunication devise AKA phone.
  • Concealer to touch-up or cover any little shit of a blemish that pops up. I love that NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer has a limited edition wee mini version. It’s one of the best concealers and this mini fellow is even more compact and portable. I know mini versions aren’t great value for $$$, but just leave them for outings and they’ll last ages.
  • Face mist for freshening up you makeup and waking up you skin. Buy the baby version of one from Priceline and you’ll be forever glowy.
  • Panadol (just a few spares) in case the cheap champagne gives you one of those horrible headaches. Getting a headache at the races is on par with running into an ex, a sure fire way to ruin your day.


  • Duh, your house keys!

If you can’t find a clutch on Showpo you like, I highly recommend visiting The Daily Edited for a beautiful, personally monogrammed range of styles.

Image credit: The Daily Edited

Words by Kelly McCarren

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