Guess What!? We’ve Got More Sizes!


So apparently, female bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Who wudda thunk it! Our standard sizing (6-14) just wasn’t cutting it anymore so we sat up and listened to our gorgeous ponies who demanded more sizes! Some of our beautiful customers just can’t squeeze their curves into a 14 and hell, they shouldn’t bloody well have to, unleash the boobs and bums we say! Other customers shouldn’t have to pin a size 6 that swamps their teeny frames. Thus why we now stock a range of styles in size 4-18 🙂

The range has been carefully curated by our Head Buyer; a selection of our most popular and flattering silhouettes and styles. Check out the range here, and I’ve popped the video and some pics from the shoot below, featuring our 5 stunning gals – Pia Muehlenbeck, Sophie Howe, Brooke Nash, Mia Perkins and Paige Cowley.






Words by Kelly McCarren. 

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