An Interview With The Models

Shooting for our extended sizes campaign was an amazing experience. Smaller online retailers don’t actually get much control about what sizes they stock as it relates to what the wholesaler is actually selling. Thus why Showpo has generally only sold size 6-12… until now! As we grow (yay), we’re able to produce a lot more ourselves, which gives us the ability to offer styles in both smaller and bigger sizes. This makes us SO happy as we really do want to be the one place gals all over the world, of all different shapes and sizes, come to for new threads. The feedback so far has been amazing and everyone loved our shoot with our 5 gorgeous models.

After the shoot finished, I annoyingly made the girls sit down and answer some questions which was really insightful ,and in some cases hilarious. Watch the below Q&A to find out more about Pia Muehlenbeck, Sophie Howe, Brooke Nash, Mia Perkins and Paige Cowley. My favourite part is when I find out JUST what one model really wants in life. Not a jet or career as an acrobat you guys, she really wants some shoes with wheels on them.


Words by Kelly McCarren. 


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