The Flattering AF Style You NEED In Your Wardrobe

Ahhh the humble two-piece. She’s grown up a lot since being a fashion item our mothers forced us into as wee tots (gushing over how ‘cute’ we looked in them). Now they’re being slayed by gals everywhere, from beachwear to the red-carpet – and for good reason. UBER flattering, the two-piece shows off the smallest part of your waist, so even if you’ve got a wee Christmas pudding, you’ll still look fab!

Now I wouldn’t wear a two-piece to a corporate event or black-tie wedding, but in general, they’re a pretty versatile option.

Cute little two-piece sets like these are perfect for causal events thanks to the breezy fabrics and floral prints. Think summer BBQs, shopping with the gals, beach dates, picnics and holidaying!


Keep the styles longer for coffee dates, Sunday sessions, dinners and catch-up drinks.


To up the glam factor, steer clear of prints and opt for luxe fabrics with longer hemlines. These sets are perfect for cocktails, dates with bae and after work functions.


Shop our range of two-piece set styles HERE!



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