The Green Smoothie That ACTUALLY Tastes Nice

Ahhh the ol’ green smoothie.

Models and people that brim with health (you know the type, they opt for yoga and a swim on a Saturday rather than a stonking hangover and hot chips) swear by them. They pop them in clear jars (so we can see how #health and #blessed and #cleaneating they are) and traipse around spouting the benefits as they swill them in apparent delight.

So many times I have tried to make a green smoothie, all excited to be #health and #blessed and #cleaneating before spitting it all over my laptop at the first taste. I then pinch my nose and skull it down (FEED ME NUTRIENTS), all the while wishing is was a double-shot espresso frappe.


Then I tried this bad boy 🙂 


It’s the Lucky You Cleanse Green Smoothie and it is bloody PHENOM! Made from Kale, Silverbeet, Spinach, Mango, Banana and Alkaline Water; the clever mix of fruit and veg make for one tasty nutrient hit.

Try whipping it up at home or find it at one of these (Sydney) stockists.

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