How To Look Like Kendall Jenner


Growing up in the limelight, I’m pretty sure KJ didn’t suffer the same ill-fated fashion mishaps the rest of us mere mortals went through (board shorts will never be cute). So unlike the rest of us, who are still a wee bit awrks at 21 –  KJ’s style has developed into one of the most coveted in the industry. Her insta posts are regularly featured on the ‘most liked’ lists, she graces the covers of pretty much EVERY magazine, and has strutted the catwalk of some of the biggest fashion houses in the world. So you know, it’s pretty understandable if you want to steal the gals style (I know I sure do), so keep scrolling to see some of our fave KJ looks and how you can recreate the looks with a few Showpo pieces 🙂





  1. Denim jeans.
  2. Black crop top.
  3. Round sunnies.
  4. Wide-brimmed straw hat.





  1. Shorts with a sheer skirt overlay. 
  2. Gold body chain. 
  3. Double-buckle gold belt.
  4. Off-shoulder white crop. 





  1. Sporty bralette. 
  2. Mesh top. 
  3. Ripped jeans. 





  1. Light denim jeans.
  2. White cropped tee.
  3. Black lacy bralette.  





  1. Crochet, cream dress. 
  2. Chunky silver necklaces. 
  3. Tan bohemian sandals.
  4. Gold-framed round sunnies.





  1. Faux leather pants.
  2. Cosy mocha knit.
  3. Black sunglasses.
  4. White sneakers.





  1. Black skinny jeans.
  2. Off-shoulder black top. 
  3. Black and gold belt with a double-buckle. 
  4. Black ankle boots. 





  1. Denim jeans.
  2. White basic tee.
  3. Black coat. 


Words by Kelly McCarren. 

31 Comments Add yours

  1. Rayze says:

    Love all her looks, but I’m always amazed when someone can looks so fabulous leaving the airport!! So, I’ll choose look 8 🙂

  2. Rose says:

    Love Kendal! Always rocks her outfits from head to toe.

  3. Alexandra says:

    Love look 8 the best!

  4. Taryn says:

    Omg I love look 7. It reminds me of Sandy from Grease. I guess it’s ‘the one that I want’ 😜

  5. Sian Warmington says:

    Loving her Look 7 😍

  6. Katie Hunia says:

    I absolutely love all of Kendal’s looks! Rocks all of them with such confidence and grace! I think my favourite would be look 3! She definitely pulls that look off so well

  7. Andrea Neoh says:

    I love look 7 and how she manages to look so chic even while jet setting everywhere 😍

  8. Kaitlin W says:

    Look 4 is the look I adore! Walking down the street, I’ll strut to a beat, showing off the outfit while looking like I’m def fit!

  9. Kayla says:

    Absolutely loving look 8, so simple but she killed it! Love that you can dress up/down all elements of the outfit!

  10. Helena Freeman says:

    I love look number 7! 😍😍 She always looks so classy no matter what she wears and I’m totally envious!

  11. antoinette62 says:

    Completely obsessed with look 3! Sheer top, exposed sports bra with ripped jeans is so casually chic!

  12. Bree says:

    She looks great in everything! But I especially love looks 2, 6 & 7 😍

  13. Nina Valentine says:

    Oooh I love all her looks! It’s so hard to decide! I’ll have to say look 7

  14. I love number 8 it looks so cosy and I love the coat especially! I’m a sucker for a beautiful coat, I own way to many but love them so much!

  15. Bree says:

    Look 7 for sure! It’s so sleek with simplicity and elegance! God she’s so perfect 😍

  16. Emily says:

    Look 7 is so edgy and chic, so versatile and flattering, definitely my favourite 🔥

  17. Teesha Grove says:

    Look 6.
    I love a casual yet classy look and I’m all about comfort! 😍

  18. Rebecca Anne says:

    Kendall is the new fashion muse with Look 4, so effortlessly chic and reminds me of the shameless Regina George from Mean Girls making a supposed “wardrobe malfunction” stylish to the max.

  19. Kennedy says:

    I love look 3! She looks amazing in all but look 3 is kinda sassy and cool and she rocks it really well!!

  20. Sarah says:

    All her looks are amazing but for me it’s definitely number 7 is my fav 😍😍

  21. Rachel says:

    I like look 2 it’s gorgeous and perfect for her body shape

  22. Nikki Willis says:

    My favourite look of Kendall’s has to be look 7! I love the off the shoulder style, it’s so elegant and striking (especially when your collarbones are as nice as hers). Black boots are my favourite type of footwear at the moment too! They can dress an outfit up or down just by how you choose to wear them. Kendall is killing this look, what an absolute babe!

  23. Nikita Karaka says:

    Love look 4 braletter over tee is genius and the coat hanging off shoulder makes this look perfect 😍

  24. Kodie says:

    I love Look #2.
    I would happily wear this to any festival event, beach party or even just a picnic, the body chain an belt work perfectly together
    I would love to be able to rock this outfit as good as Kendall 🙂

  25. I love Kendall’s style – but my fave is look 3! It’s the most memorable to me! 😄❤

  26. Kendall is definitely my style icon, she always looks 10/10. Out of these styles though I am living for look 3 😍😍 Amazing!

  27. Abbey says:

    Look 3!!! It is absolutely amazing!! Looks so good!! I can’t get enough of it

  28. Lily says:

    I love look 8!! I like the simple white tee matched with denim jeans and green/white Stan smiths accompanied by a black handbag and a long cardigan. It’s like a regular or casual type of look that is easy for any occasion, and for every season. For this look, it’d be fantastic for spring or winter, but for summer and autumn, just change the long sleeves to short sleeves and you’re good to go! 😊

  29. Chontayne pickering says:

    Looks 2 jeans are my fave ❤

  30. Alexa says:

    Look seven is amazing!

  31. Hannah Learoyd says:

    I love look 6 coz it’s super attractive but looks incredibly comfortable as well and I admire people who manage to look that good without compromising for comfort.

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