Valentine’s Day Outfit Sorted

Gang Valentine’s Day is NEXT WEEK. I repeat it’s NEXT WEEK. Seriously, where is 2017 going? Out come the over-priced bears, red roses, chocolate and influx of tickets to chick-flicks. It’s a marketers dream and consumerism at its best, but whatevs, it’s fun.

I’ve been single and in relationships for V-DAY and it really isn’t that spesh either way. When I was single I sat at home watching Magic Mike and eating guac for dinner, that was probably my best V-DAY TBH. Last year my bf got me a 6000 piece puzzle because #romance and I certainly can’t watch MM or MM2 with him lurking can I!? 0a87a759c6af4a774cff021161e39fab.png


Sweet Jesus. 


So whatever your plans are this Valentine’s Day, just make sure you have fun and are fully prepared whatever the occasion. I’ve got all your date necessities sorted here.

You’re headed to the MOVIES…

Whether it’s moonlight cinemas or your traditional red seated cinema with bae (just don’t see  Passengers), casual comfort rules! Keep things flirty and feminine with one of our playsuits.


Make sure you pop a cosy knit in your bag to throw on if you get chilly (or you can just snuggle up to bae 😉 ). Opt for flats for comfort and a nude lip so you don’t need to worry about reapplying.


DINNER date somewhere super nice…

So you’re going to a fancy AF restaurant huh, lucky you! Opt for a LBD and you can’t go wrong:


Pair with lingerie that makes you feel amazing, sexy heels and add a deep red lip for a look that just screams sex siren.


NIGHT IN Netflix and ‘chillin’…

Cook something delicious together, pop on a rom-com and cosy up together in bed. Add an extra V-DAY treat by wearing one of our cute new night rompers. Silky fabrics and sexy cuts you’ll feel like Em Rata in.


You’ll also need a delicious candle, a good quality massage oil and a scarf to use as a blindfold if… you know :p


For the SINGLE GALS who want to party (or sit at home watching MM)…

Grab your fellow GFs and roll your eyes at your lame coupled-up friends staying in; take that booty out to dance baby! Buy a new dress you feel amazing in and get twerking.


Make sure you tan the night prior so you’re glowing like a golden goddess. Then make sure your selfie game is on point and spritz a fragrance you feel sexy and special in.



Words by Kelly McCarren. 


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