Fashion Week Trends

Fashion week (or month really) is officially over for New York, Milan and Paris for yet another year.It’s the fashion event of the year where we see all the top trends showcased that are going to set the tone for style of the next season. Now although I don’t really know too much about farshun (I just like pretty clothes), I do work with someone that can talk about 1 lone trend for a good 20 minutes. That lass would be our Head Buyer, Amber, and she’s shared her favourite fashion week trends below…

Printed Logo Tees

Printed tees are back! Logos kind of died for a while, however they’re back and just in time to pair with your new mum jeans.

As seen on…
Fashionistas at FW.
Strutting down the street at FW.

Available at Showpo!


Statement Buckle Belt

Last season was all about chokers and whilst the choker is still hot, statement belts are the perfect accessory item to complete your pre-fall outfit.
YSL runway at FW. 
Street-style at FW.

Available at Showpo!


Denim Embroidery

Although embroidery is now on everything from jackets to ankle booties, dominate in this trend by channelling Gigi x Tommy and getting some patches for your denim.
As seen on…
Gigi X Tommy collection.
FW runways. 
Available at Showpo!

Corset Belt

Like I mentioned, belts are red hot; the corset belt is the perfect number to throw over your crisp white shirt or party bodycon.
As seen on…
Kim was one of the early adopters of this hot trend. 
GIGI and every other celeb at FW.

Available at Showpo!


Leather Biker Jacket

A staple in any fashionista’s wardrobe, however this season they are cropped and tighter than before.
Bella Hadid.
Alexander Wang at FW.

Available at Showpo!



We saw this trend come through in SS16/17 and it’s staying around. Ruffles are the perfect detail on floral dresses, striped work shirts or off-shoulder crop tops.

As seen on…
Bey, who does no wrong. 
Zimmermann runway at FW.

Available at Showpo!


The T-shirt Dress

Oversized and super comfy, pair this look with suede over-the-knee boots and a corset belt.
As seen on…
Kylie Jenner – She’s a HUGE fan of the trend.
FW street-style. 
Available at Showpo!

Faux Fur Coats

Hard to image wearing that right now as we’re still in sunny weather (in AUS), however you can never be too prepared when it comes to looking stylish.
As seen on…
Rihanna strutting the streets at FW. 
Mui Mui runway at FW.


Available at Showpo!



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