Wine Lovers UNITE

Who doesn’t love wine? Actually, there are probably a few people who don’t, but the majority of us love a nice drop with dinner/cheese/on a Friday/ for no reason whatsoever.


In Australia, there is a wee place about 2 hours north of Sydney called the Hunter Valley or ‘wine country’ to grape lovers. It’s home to many wine related events and this weekend it will be the place music and wine lovers alike flock to for Hot Dub Time Machine. Now obviously not all of us will be attending however much we cajoled, begged and bribed our pals/parents/partner. So I thought in lieu of this, it would be fun to match Showpo outfits to my fave drops of grape goodness…

The velvety merlot…


The creamy cab sav…a40a3063.jpg

The smooth shiraz…


The sweet pinot noir…


The flirty rosé


The ladylike chardonnay…

tn_bsdm.jpgThe partying pinot gris…


The sexy sav blanc…


The sparkling champagne…



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