9 Trends You Need For Festivals


Festivals were once a place that people went to in minimal clothing in the mere hope of hearing some sweet tunes and getting high.Then celebs and influencers became the new inspo and they started using festivals as their runways. Showcasing INSANE style that’s just begging to be copied and amped up with your own intrinsic dose of individuality. Enter Showpo; we’ve developed our own range of festival attire and whether you’re going to Coachella, booking Burning Man or just headed away for a whimsical weekend, you need these styles in your life. Shop the range here and keep reading for the top trends.


Layering pretty much sums up all farshun, as the most stylish bishes have that innate ability to layer multiple trends, finishing with a look Kendall herself would be impressed with. Check out the below slideshow of layered looks complete with styling tips.

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One of the most versatile items you can have in your festival fashion arsenal, Showpo has a slew of different options in an abundance of textures and colours. Pair with shorts or wear under a sheer maxi.



Lace, shimmery lurex or floral embellishments; whatever you fancy in a fabric, we’ve got you covered. The ultimate piece to complete any festival look, this is an absolute must-have for anyone headed towards the ferris wheel.

sheer 2.jpg


You’ve seen it all over insta, and Showpo was a frontrunner with bringing back the fishnet stockings. With much bigger holes than the original versions popular in the early naughties, these bad boys make you instantly edgier.



Oh velvet, I never thought I missed you but my how I have. The perfect transeasonal fabric, velvet can make your look luxe. Start small with a choker or boots, work your way to a crop or go all out with a velvet party dress.



We love the fringe effect so much we’ve put it on chokers, bags, belts and jackets. My personal favourite piece is by far the fringed bum bag; practical, oh-so-trendy and versatile AF.




I’ve been wearing corsets for a bloody long time so I’m pretty damn happy they’re FINALLY BACK IN FASHION. For too long I’ve looked a bit ‘fancy dress’ when I whip one out. You can opt for a wee bit of corset detail to interject the trend in your life, or grab one of our thick corset belts to cinch in your waist a’la Kimmy K.




Fashion always gets taken to the next level at festivals with accessories alone. I LOVE it. Scarfs, hats, chokers, ear cuffs, sequined stockings, embroidered bags and buckled boots; the only real rule is more is more is more is more. Go nuts!



What lass doesn’t love glitter?! Once regaled to the craft cupboard, it’s now being sprinkled with abundance over hairlines, hands, under the eyes and woven through fabric. From finely milled glitter to chunky bold stars, I can’t get enough of this trend.



Words by Kelly McCarren. 

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