48 Shows To Binge This Long Weekend


Welcome to the Showpo binge fest. After a busy AF few months since the Christmas break, we’re looking forward to stocking the fridge with snacks, snuggling up in something woolly, and absorbing more TV than when we were kids watching Simpsons marathons.

There’s so much dang choice with what to watch these days (thank you Netflix, iTunes, STAN, Foxtel and FTA) so we’ve rounded up 48 office faves to rewatch or add to ‘watch later’ list. ENJOY!

Grey’s Anatomy


Reason to watch… Phenom characters and a never-ending storyline that just keeps getting better. Come at me S14!

Hart Of Dixie


Reason to watch… So underrated, this show is the cutest and all the characters become your new pals.

Hello Ladies


Reason to watch… Stephen Merchant is a comedic genius and I have no idea why this show didn’t take off more. It’s so cringe you’ll be crying with laughter.

Vampire Diaries


Reason to watch… Every mythical character from your childhood in one show, the ‘Delena’ love story and countless hot dudes without shirts on.

Pretty Little Liars


Reason to watch… Annoying AF but RIVETING, so addictive you’ll curse the creators. Also Shay Mitchell’s hair.

The Office


Reason to watch… The characters and the warm fuzziness they bring. The writing is so witty you’ll watch 10 eps without stopping.

Gossip Girl


Reason to watch… #drama SO. MUCH. #drama – Who doesn’t love to take a trip down the Upper East Sides brattiest and most affluent teens.

Geordie Shore


Reason to watch… If you’re a sucker for teen #drama and reality TV, this is for you!

The O.C


Reason to watch… #drama or old school #drama if we’re being honest. Nothing will make me as nostalgic as Sandy Cohen’s eyebrows.



Reason to watch… It’s changed the landscape of TV and how women are portrayed. Beautifully written, it’s funny while also highlighting important issues.

Private Practice


Reason to watch… Spin-off series of Grey’s Anatomy. Really great characters and medical storylines if you’re into that shit.

How To Get Away With Murder


Reason to watch… Viola Davis’ snotty acting at her best. Plus tense AF storylines with a bunch of bitchy characters.

The Inbetweeners


Reason to watch… All of the LOLs. Jay, Neil, Simon and Will’s hilarious escapades will have you holding your belly with laughter.



Reason to watch… Sex, drugs, poverty and alcoholism all rolled into the best family dramedy (in my opinion) ever written.

30 Rock


Reason to watch… The cleverest comedy show that’s ever been written, blink for a second and miss 5 jokes. Brilliant characters.

Criminal Minds


Reason to watch… It’s full of so many twists and surprises – you’ll be kept in major suspense and hours will pass without you realising.



Reason to watch… OLIVIA POPE’S WARDROBE. Plus, you’ll feel really smart and ‘know-it-all’ when it comes to American politics.



Reason to watch… Is there any other light sitcom you can rely on to always make you smile? Re-watching eps is like catching up with old… well, friends.



Reason to watch… The dialogue, the clothes, the complete lack of reality and fuzzy #girlpower feels.



Reason to watch… It’s a drama and crime show rolled into one. Kinda sick but also awesome, it will have you anxious with apprehension

Broad City


Reason to watch… There’s nothing better than loud, awkward, New York women who don’t give a shit. But basically, it’s just stupidly funny.

Friday Night Lights


Reason to watch… Tim Riggens.



Reason to watch… Hot men and women trapped on a deserted island with shitloads of #drama – what’s not to love.



Reason to watch… The women’s stories! Plus all the prison bewbs.

Breaking Bad


Reason to watch… Walter White is the most badass character ever written. Prepare to be sucked into the vortex of drug cartels messing with the wrong science teacher.

Son’s of Anarchy


Reason to watch… You’ll fall in love with  Jax Teller.

Cold Case


Reason to watch… It’s like morphing into this twisted American time warp. It has a bit of mystery, bit of drama, bit of cheesy music and the stories are always so intricately put together. Also, the powerhouse female lead is a total badass and doesn’t take shit from anyone.

Rupaul’s Drag Race


Reason to watch… It’s so OTT, it’s everything.



Reason to watch… Each episode is brilliant in its own right and to this day the topics are totally relatable and relevant. It’s wild to think they didn’t have mobile phones back then, but the content never seems old-fashioned.



Reason to watch… This show is the female version of Entourage, set in a publishing agency; very millennial… oh and Josh is SO hot.

HIMYM (How I Met Your Mother)


Reason to watch… You can relate yourself to the characters and your friendships to theirs. It’s just so funny and easy to watch.

One Tree Hill


Reason to watch… All of the family drama, relationship drama, and dude drama you could hope for in one show.



Reason to watch… The chemistry between the characters is SO good and really well acted.



Reason to watch… Such an intense show with amazing storylines.

The Bachelor


Reason to watch… It’s bach. Why shouldn’t you watch it? Guilty viewing at its best.



Reason to watch… It’s a mockumentary BTS of The Bachelor. And it’s amazing.

American Horror Story


Reason to watch… Salem, psychiatric asylums, haunted houses or carnivals; whatever nudges your fear-factor, this show has ou covered. Such cool stories and well-played characters.



Reason to watch… If you’ve always loved Batman, this is a really fresh, interesting take on the original story.

Bates Motel


Reason to watch… If you like scary movies, this show is for you. You’ll be jumping behind the pillows in no time.

Mr Robot


Reason to watch… If you’re after something you haven’t seen 164 Buzzfeed articles about; this is for you. A really unique story, it’s worth a watch.

Big Little Lies


Reason to watch… Filmed so, so well; BLL is artsy AF and leaves you wondering what is going on long after you’ve finished watching. The super exxy houses are also major real estate porn.



Reason to watch… It basically represents everything awesome about the 90s.



Reason to watch… When you despise the main protagonist but still love the show, you know it’s good writing. A really different perspective on the traditional love story.

13 Reasons Why


Reason to watch… Everyone, everywhere (above the age of 15 probs) needs to watch this. It’s heavy, it’s heartfelt and it is VERY real. It’s put together AMAZINGLY in a way that makes you see multiple points of views. You know what happens within minutes of the pilot but even so, you’re on the edge of your seat the whole time to see how it unfolds.

The 100


Reason to watch… This is the best sci-fi, post-apocalyptic show I’ve watched. It’s one of those shows where so much happens and you don’t have to wait for 5 episodes for answers or a plot twist. It’s got a spunky cast, seriously good script writing and cool special effects for a TV series.



Reason to watch… Hot witches killing demons and dealing with their weird love life issues. How could you not love it?!

Freaks & Geeks


Reason to watch… It’s a high school show set in the 80s that stars James Franco when he was still hot and not weird AF. Good amount of awkward chuckles.

Party Down

Reason to watch… I feel like everyone can relate to this in some way. Doing a shit job (catering) while trying to become an actor (or get any job you kinda like) with insane characters and plots.




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  1. Sam says:

    This is such an awesome idea! You guys are really smart! And I love the reasons to watch!

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