Showpo’s Fave Met Gala Looks

So the Met Gala happened for yet another year and ONCE AGAIN, Anna Wintour didn’t invite me the bitch. I’d bloody SLAY that red (or whatever colour it is) carpet. Just wait, one day I’ll outdo one of the Hadid sisters. #unlikely

For now, these are my top 6 best-dressed awards…


I can’t even deal with how stunning Stella looked! Her frame keeps the plunging neckline chic and the array of tassels make me SWOON. The eye makeup and slightly dishevelled hair finish the look at a level 10. 



I’m not sure who the star is in this pic, Candice or the breathtaking gown… The classic ball gown, the high pony and winged liner are all just bloody phenom. 


Oh look, Kim is amazing. SHOCKER. Her rig looks INCRED in this frock and her sleek hair is bangin’. 



Not many gals could look this good in a nude dress that’s basically the same colour as their skin. But of COURSE, Gigi does. She looks absolutely ethereal in this and the fishnets give it a contemporary edge. 


Serena should start wearing this Emerald shade exclusively. She’s absolutely resplendent in it. 


This look should bore me but it doesn’t in the slightest. By opting for a white wash over her locks for the event, the look is very streamlined and eye-catching. 

Miscellaneous awards go to….


The ‘Most Effort Award’ goes to Rhi Rhi. She only beat Katie by adding the leg string things. 



The ‘Most Naked Award’ obviously goes to Kendal. 


The ‘Most Surprising Award’ goes to Kylie for being suspiciously demure. Usually, she’s more naked than her sis. 








The ‘Most Boring Award’ goes to Gwyneth. So many snores. 


The ‘Weirdest Outfit Choice Award’ goes to this person who dressed as a hot water bottle. 


The ‘Best Boob Award’ goes to whoever owns this. Love a peek of underboob.  





All images belong to Shutterstock.

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