The 5 Jackets You NEED

Winter has officially hit us in Australia, so to all our amazing peeps on the other side of the world – lucky you! But with the frigid mornings and races to get our PJs on in record time at night; comes a slew of exciting things that just aren’t an option in the sweltering months – namely sartorial. One of my FAVE things about winter is the fashion options it brings. What does summer have? Frocks and sandals? BORING. Winter brings with it an endless array of layers, textures and fabrics that just aren’t possible to don when you’re a sweaty mess. One of the most worn and required winter items is the humble jacket and with these 5 up your arsenal, you’ll be slaying the style game all season.


Faux Fur Jacket

faux fur.jpg

The warmest option when it comes to outerwear, these are the cosiest jackets to huddle up in during crisp weather. Make a statement after the sun goes down by wearing one of these shaggy numbers over your LBD for ultimate glam.

Pictured L-R: 


Denim Jacket 


An essential year round, the denim jacket is one of your most versatile pieces. The perfect way to dress down a glam outfit and up your street cred, this is one jacket that will still be #farshun in 20 years.

Pictured L-R: 



Long Jacket 


The ultimate layering piece, drape this style over your shoulders to add serious sartorial impact. The clean lines of this must-have coat create an effortless silhouette that can be worn with a streamlined outfit for a look that screams Parisian chic.

Pictured L-R: 


Leather Jacket 


When all else fails, chuck your fave leather jacket on with a slick of bold lippy, it will never let you down. Wear with your summer frock to amp up the cool factor or pair with your black skinny jeans and unleash your inner rock chick.

Pictured L-R: 


Bomber Jacket 


This is a must for teaming with your activewear and Sunday brunch attire. Casual, warm and super on-trend; it’s a style that should generally be paired with tights or skinny jeans to balance the look out.

Pictured L-R: 


Words by Kelly McCarren. 

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