The Best Black Skinny Jeans

Who else despises shopping for jeans?


It’s the WORST. Trying to find a pair that fit properly is hard enough, but then you need to worry about length, rise, colour and stretch. When you finally find a pair that ticks all the boxes you check the tag and JOKES they’re a cool $400. Cos’ bitches have the sort of dollars to blow that much on jeans. face-with-rolling-eyes.png

Well exciting news y’all. I’ve found the perfect pair!



Reasons why they’re BOMB…

  • They’re black skinny jeans which are arguably the most essential of all the types of denim and one of the most versatile items you’ll ever own. After all, how many items in your wardrobe can you dress down with a tee and dress up with heels?
  • They’re REALLY comfy!
  • They stretch but not so much you end up walking around looking like you’ve got a giant turd sitting in your crotch.
  • They’re mid-rise, which is the most flattering style on most shapes.
  • They have belt loops! You’d be surprised how many don’t for some silly reason.
  • They’re cheap AF and will only set you back $69.95 (AU). Not rent territory.
  • They don’t have rips, weird pockets or any sort of ‘trendy’ embellishments. They’re plain, basic jeans that seem to be really hard to find these days!

Because they’re awesome, I’m giving 3 of you lucky lasses a chance to win a pair. All you have to do is comment below ‘I LOVE SHOWPO’ (yes it’s that simple), and 3 of you will be chosen at random next Wednesday arvo.

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  1. eagarzong says:


  2. eagarzong says:


  3. beauty5185 says:


  4. emalinegarcia says:


  5. I LOVE SHOWPO 😍💙💜💛💚❤ (I also love a good pair of jeans!)

  6. Vanessa How says:

    I LOVE SHOWPO I LOVE SHOWPO. And those jeans, damn.

    1. Guess what GF, you’ve won! Email your size and addy to and enjoy your new jeans!

  7. jasmijnfidder says:

    I love showpo! ❤️

  8. I LOVE SHOWPO❤️✨✨

  9. mrsvalois says:

    I LOVE SHOWPO ❤️❤️❤️

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