The Splendour Countdown Is On!

During three crazy days full of music, party adventures and AMAZING fashion; Jane Lu, founder and CEO of Showpo, @thelazyceo, together with @greengurkin, @brookenashhh and @piamuehlenbeck showed off flawless styles at Coachella music festival in California.

With less than a WEEK (so better get shopping) before Splendour kicks off in the Byron Parklands, and a month before Tomorrowland in Belgium and Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada – it’s time to start planning what to wear this festival season.

Our exclusive festival category offers a focus on this season’s trends such as romantic floral prints, sheer fabrics, lace, velvet, denim and printed tees, to name a few. 

According to the Wall Street Journal 80% of festivalgoers purchased at least one new addition to their wardrobe in preparation for Coachella. Festivals have become more than just a celebration of the music played but also a space for expressing one’s style, creativity and personality. In a space where the only limit is your imagination and the creativity is flowing there’s no time like the present to go all in!

So check out the latest festival styles and make sure you tag us in your insta pics so we can see how hot you look!

Words by Sarah Bergman.




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