14 Office LOLS That Are Way Too Real

If you work in an office, you’ll spend a minimum of 40 hours there per week. Which is over 2000 hours per year. That’s a hella long time. These 14 gifs/memes/tweets will have you loling and nodding your head in appreciation BIG TIME.


1. Brilliant. 


2. We’ve all told this little white lie before right? RIGHT!? 


3. But srsly, where does she work? They hiring? 


4. Brutal! smilelaugh.jpg 


5. The struggle is real.  


6. If it could also throw a tumbleweed down the table at meetings after shit ideas are presented, that would also be ideal. 



7. FFS, I was just checking  face-with-rolling-eyes.png


8. The same goes for those who microwave broccoli and egg.  


9. Boss: “It would be great if you could stay back and finish this”

Me: “Ok, great”.


10. There’s always a Brian, ruining all fun. 


11. *presses alt-tab out of FB*


12. Slowly dying inside. 


13. Interviewer: “Have you dealt with many high-pressure situations before?”

Me: *thinks about how fucking hard Crash Bandicoot is and wonders if ‘Native Fortress’ is a good example* 


14. Good one Todd. I haven’t heard that one before. 




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