Pucker Up – Lipstick Looks You’ll Love

I’m pretty sure it all stems back to the Kardashian/Jenner effect, but lips are having a real moment. Never before have our insta feeds been so full of plump lips, pouting at the camera with a slick of whatever the latest fad is swiped on. I have always LOVED a coloured lip when I’m feeling lazy AF and CBF putting any effort in, you immediately look more polished and chic. With all these new liquid lip formulas (they bloody well won’t come off will they), the bold lip look is much more low-maintenance than it was 5 years ago when you’d be reapplying and checking for lipstick teeth several times per day. Let’s not forget about nude lips though, they’ll always be the perfect way to tone down a blown-out smokey eye.

If you’ve always wanted to venture into wearing more lip colours, but haven’t had the balls, let the below pics inspire you to up your beauty ante. I’m challenging myself to wear a new colour every day, so check out our array of options online and join me!




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